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Hi, we are Oaks Radiology.
We are leaders in diagnostic imaging.

We are a provider of exceptional medical imaging services. Our sophisticated imaging equipment meets the needs of a variety of patients, with more diagnostic confidence than ever. As an Alliance HealthCare Radiology business, we are backed by the largest provider of outpatient diagnostic imaging services in the U.S.

Oaks Radiology is an ACR accredited facility, which means that we have demonstrated our ability to create high-quality medical imaging and that our equipment is in excellent condition. With this technology, our highly trained staff is able to provide detailed images to help in your diagnosis.

Our Team

Whether you’re calling to schedule an appointment or visiting us in-person for an exam, we want you to have a positive experience.
Our caring staff treats patients like family and provide the highest level of quality care.

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We care about patient satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction is our number one priority. Learn more about our services today.

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Conveniently located, our center provides advanced medical imaging services.



  • Oaks Radiology
  • 450 Cresson Blvd. Suite 100
  • Oaks, PA 19456